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Anniversary of Ships launched on this day 6 December

Name Imocode Launched Builder
Lanzarote IMO.5520347 1911 Smith's Dock Co Ltd, South Bank, Middlesborough
Leschi 1967 IMO.7309053 1913 J F Duthie & Co, Seattle
Rab 1943 IMO.5288671 1930 J Samuel White & Co Ltd, East Cowes
Zebulon B Vance 1943 IMO.0000000 1941 North Carolina SB Corp, Wilmington
Royal Daffodil 1966 IMO.5301318 1957 J Lamont & Co, Greenock
Marquisien 1978 IMO.5226336 1958 Ch Navals de la Ciotat, La Ciotat
Karsibor II IMO.7606762 1976 Stocznia Szczecinska im A Warskiego, Szczecin
Fukutsuru Maru 1996 IMO.7920986 1979 Wakamatsu SB, Wakamatsu, Kitakyushu
Kogane Maru 2015 IMO.9110016 1994 Kanda Zosensho KK, Kure
Nordfriesland IMO.9102758 1994 Husumer Schiffswerft, Husum
Chita Maru IMO.9282534 2003 Naikai Zosen KK, Setoda Works, Onomichi
Le Soleal IMO.9641675 2012 Fincantieri SpA, Ancona
Ocean Blue Whale IMO.9790139 2016 Huanghai SB, Rongcheng, Shandong
Nieuw Statendam IMO.9767106 2017 Fincantieri SpA, Marghera
Carnival Panorama IMO.9802384 2018 Fincantieri SpA, Monfalcone
Havila Polaris IMO.9946910 2021 Tersan Shipyard, Yalova
Havila Pollux IMO.9946922 2021 Tersan Shipyard, Yalova

Some interesting facts from this database:

The longest name ?
Governor Emerson C Harrington II built in 1913
The second longest name ?
Ciudad de Santa Cruz de la Palma was borne by two ships, one built in 1972 the other in 1975
The ship that has retained the same name the longest ?
Juno since 1874
The oldest ship still active ?
Juno (1874)
The ship that was never completed after 27 years ?
Stena Baltica. Construction as ferry (IMO7907685), commenced in 1985 in Poland, stopped in 1986. In 1989 towed to Perama, Greece for completion as cruise-ship Regent Sky, but building stopped in 1995. Owner bankrupt and ship (completed to deck 7) seized by banks in 1996 but never completed. Eventually laid up 2004, abandoned and in July 2011 towed from Eleusis to Aliaga for demolition. She outlived one sistership; two still active in 2018.
The ship with the most name changes ?
Nils Holgersson (1962) had a 17th name of Sama 1, before being demolished in 2000
The most common prefix to a name ?
The face that has launched the most ships ?
Sophia Loren: since 2002 the actress has been official godmother to all MSC cruise ships. MSC Lirica 2003, MSC Opera 2004, MSC Musica 2006, MSC Orchestra 2007, MSC Fantasia 2008, MSC Poesia 2008, MSC Splendida 2009, MSC Magnifica 2010, MSC Divina 2012, MSC Preziosa 2013, MSC Meraviglia 2017, MSC Seaside 2017, MSC Seaview 2018, MSC Bellissima 2019, MSC Grandiosa 2019, MSC Seashore 2021
What links Festival Cruises and MSC ?
Before the company failed in 2004, two ships were built and options for two more ships were cancelled. The 'options' were completed for MSC as MSC Lirica in 2002 and MSC Opera in 2005.
Is that all ?
The two earlier ships completed for Festival Cruises were European Vision in 2001 and European Stars in 2002 and became MSC Armonia and MSC Sinfonia in 2004.
First transit of the North West Passage by passenger ship ?
Was in 1984 by Lindblad Explorer from east to west between 20 August-29 September.
The second transit ?
Was in 1985 by World Discoverer from west to east
Largest ship to traverse Corinth Canal (East to west) ?
Braemar on 9 October 2019
Largest 20th-century passenger ships ?
Queen Elizabeth completed 1940 at 82998grt. Sank 1972.
France completed 1962 at 66348grt. Demolished 2007.
Sovereign of the Seas completed 1988 at 73192grt.
Carnival Destiny completed 1996 at 101353grt. First to exceed 100000grt.
First ship to exceed 200000gt
Oasis of the Seas launched 21/11/2008 at STX Europe, Turku