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Welcome to What Ship Are You ?

What was the launch name of that familiar-looking ship you saw to-day ? What was the fate of the ship on which you enjoyed your first cruise? I created this site because I needed one that would give me the past names of any passenger ship, ferry or cruise ship that I might encounter I have been interested in ships since teenage years, and in particular passenger ships. Watching the bustle at the quayside was always exciting and sailings and arrivals eagerly awaited. Over the years favourites disappear to be replaced by new names and liveries. Then, years later, in a different guise and a distant sea a familiar silhouette brings back memories.

But not always the correct name. If I could hail her I would ask "What Ship Are You?", or make the signal CS, "What is the name or identity of your vessel ?"

So, if you too are looking for the fate or missing years in the life of an old friend, please start searching above....

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