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Some interesting facts from this database:

The longest nameCiudad de Santa Cruz de la Palma was borne by two ships built in 1972
The second longest nameCanguro Cabo San Sebastian (1972)

The above two names were borne by the same ship

The ship that has retained the same name the longestJuno (1874)
The oldest ship still activeJuno (1874)
Ship that took 27 years not to be completedRegent Sky (1985)
Regent Sky 2011500001990Stocznia Gdanska im V Lenin, GdanskB494/40
1985:Laid down as Stena Baltica. 1986: construction stopped with hull built to deck 7. 1989: sold and towed to Avlis SY, Perama. 1990: Lengthened. 1995:owner bankrupt. 1999: banks took ownership but never completedTowed to Aliaga arrived 16/7/2011sc

Nils Holgersson 196735291962Hanseatische Werft, Hamburg1811 09 1961
Gosta Berling 1967Escapade 1967Gosta Berling 1968Escapade 1968Gosta Berling 1969Sardaigne 1969Gosta Berling 1970Sardaigne 1970Gosta Berling 1971Sardaigne 1971Gosta Berling 1972Sardaigne 1972Gosta Berling 1975Mary Poppins 1976Samaina 2000Sama 1
ln collision 4/11/1996 off Samos with Greek warship KOSTAKOS. Laid up 1997. Arr 21/7/2000 Alang, India sc 7/2000

The ship with the most name changesNils Holgersson (1962) had a 17th name of Sama 1, before being demolished in 2000
The most common prefix to a nameFerry
The face that has launched the most shipsSophia Loren: since 2002 the actress has been official godmother to all MSC cruise ships.
   MSC Lirica 2003; MSC Opera 2004, MSC Musica 2006, MSC Orchestra
    2007; MSC Poesia 2008; MSC Preziosa 2013; MSC Seaside 2017; MSC Meraviglia 2017;
What links Festival Cruises and MSC ?Two ships were built and options for two more ships were cancelled. The
   'options' were completed for MSC as MSC Lirica in 2002 and MSC Opera in 2005.
And that's not all !The two earlier ships completed for Festival Cruises were European Vision
   in 2001 and European Stars in 2002 and became MSC Armonia and MSC Sinfonia in 2004.