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About this site

The site does not set out to record a vessel's history or ownership.Nor will you find an abundance of photographs. Both of these aspects are left to the many dedicated sites you can find on the web. A few have been listed (click here) for your convenience. Photographs and sketches that appear in the Photos/Sketches/Aboard pages are by the author (unless otherwise indicated). Vessels in service in 1960 that carried 12 or more passengers were the original foundation of the database.

How many ships are currently listed ?

It is periodically reviewed and updated (also corrected at times). The abbreviations used in the results tables should be obvious; in case they are not, here are some of them:

  • agrd = aground
  • arr = arrived
  • blt = built
  • chr = christened
  • CTL = constructive total loss
  • conv = converted or conversion
  • fndrd = foundered
  • lch = launch or launched
  • ld up = laid up
  • mdn vge = maiden voyage
  • sc = scrapped

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